About Brand

About Brand

Greenwich is a historic suburb of London (United Kingdom). Greenwich is often called the "Sea Gate" of the city - it is closely connected with the maritime history of England, and in fact England is considered the cradle of navigation. The voyages with which it was famous for always demanded accuracy in determining the coordinates and time.

Previously, almost every country had its own zero meridian. At one point on Earth the time did not coincide with different countries. For hundreds of years, scientists around the world could not decide where the zero meridian will be held Sailors, Astronomers, Cartographers, and Travelers waited impatiently. In 1884 the zero meridian was chosen. In Greenwich, there is an observatory through which the zero meridian of the Earth passes dividing the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Since then, time around the world is based upon the time in Greenwich.

The GREENWICH watch logo is a stylized image of a “rose of winds”. This symbolizes the 4 sides of the world, representing a symbol of Seafarers since ancient times.. It was believed that the tattoo of the “Rose of Winds” brought its owner luck, helped not to stray from the path, reach the goal, and return home alive.

Since then, the “Rose of Winds”- is a symbol of romance of travel, distant wanderings, and the desire for beauty.

The love of sea travel and the eternal aspiration of man to the knowledge of the unknown and beauty inspired British designers to create amazing collections of the GREENWICH watches.

The designers of Foggy Albion decorated the watch cover with the image of a sailboat, symbolizing English Seamen. To make watches affordable, the British placed the production of watches in their former colony, Hong Kong.

The watch uses only reliable and accurate Japanese movements Miyota and TMI. Cases are made of hypoallergenic, stainless, and antimagnetic steel.

The gold coating is deposited by ion sputtering, which is when gold ions in a vacuum are accelerated and “implanted” into steel.

The dial of the watch is closed by shock-resistant mineral glass.

The bracelet can only be made of stainless steel and the strap is made of genuine leather.

GREENWICH watch is the starting point of your time.